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Last update: July 5, 2024.

Interested in joining us? We’re hiring! Although we are a small lab, we are always looking to bring on exceptional talent to join our team. If you are interested in applying for one of the positions in this post, please follow the below two steps:

  1. Complete this Google Form.

  2. Email with a description about yourself. Indicate that you have completed the form.

Please read and follow the instructions in the Google Form very carefully.

Member of Technical Staff

Pushing the boulder of civilization ever upwards gives us purpose.

We are hiring researchers and engineers who are passionate about novel approaches to develop the next generation of nature-inspired foundation AI models together with us! We are looking for candidates who we believe have the potential to build great things — people who have passions in pushing the boundaries of areas such as evolutionary computation, generative AI, open-endedness, collective intelligence, artificial life and autonomous agents.

Ideal candidates can demonstrate this by highlighting previous projects or publications related to AI that they are proud of showcasing. For candidates with academic backgrounds, we will be interested in your publications in venues such as NeurIPS, ICLR, GECCO, ALIFE, MLSys, JMLR, ICML, IROS, or other peer-reviewed journals or conferences. The ability to write high quality code and having experience contributing to popular open-source software projects will be a strong asset.

Candidates will be expected to be physically based in Tokyo, but we will provide assistance with the Visa application process if needed. We will be offering positions from 4 month internships, part-time student researcher (for graduate students in Japan), 1-year visiting researcher, to full time roles.

Computing Platform Engineer

We are looking for a computing platform specialist to help manage our compute infrastructure as we advance. The candidate is expected to also be proficient at general IT and can handle IT administration work, and be a Swiss Army Knife of IT for the company. This is a contract role, and we expect the candidate to already be based in Japan.

Tokyo has the potential to become a Global R&D Powerhouse for Generative AI.

The ideal candidate will have experience working with GPU-based HPC infrastructure such as Sakura Internet, ABCI, Tsubame supercomputing cluster, NEDO GENIAC, in addition to the more popular global providers such as Google Cloud and AWS. Being bi-lingual in Japanese and English, to navigate domestic compute platforms, will be required to work with a highly international team. The candidate is expected to know how to apply and set up accounts, and administer usage. Experience with SLURM, UNIX admin, shell scripting and writing Python scripts to manage administrative jobs will be great.

Business Analyst


We believe that AI is the most important technological development in this century. R&D in AI will lead to continued transformation of our entire civilization. How people, and by extension, businesses and governments, use technology is entering a phase of rapid transformation — one that is effectively accelerated by AI. As a business analyst, you will help Sakana AI prepare for opportunities to impact the broader ecosystem of business and government organizations in Japan and globally. For the role of Business Analyst, we are looking for candidates who are passionate about long term R&D in AI, and can work on long term, sustainable opportunities as we advance.

The ideal candidate will have worked at a Global Investment Bank in Tokyo, as an Analyst or Associate, with experience working with Japanese organizations. The candidate is expected to be proficient in Business-level Japanese. Having a strong passion in using Generative AI models, such as large language models or image generation models will be an asset.

Roles and Responsibilities

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HR Manager and Financial Accounting Manager

We believe that AI is the most important technological development of this century. Research and development in AI will continue to transform our entire civilization. The roles of HR and Accounting are pivotal in ensuring that our organization not only adheres to global standards but also attracts, develops, and retains the exceptional talent necessary to innovate and expand the capabilities of AI. As an HR or Accounting Manager at Sakana AI, you will play a key role in elevating our operational excellence and strategic management in human resources and finance. We are seeking candidates who are deeply dedicated to advancing corporate functions with innovative HR or financial strategies over the long term.

The ideal candidates for both of these roles will have experience in leadership roles in HR or accounting, preferably within a technology-focused organization. Candidates should possess experience in developing HR systems or financial operations from the ground up, with a proven track record of improving processes and enhancing effectiveness. The candidate should have native-level proficiency in Japanese and business-level proficiency in English. A strong passion for technology and its potential to transform business practices is essential.

For candidates from accounting background, having experience at Big Four accounting firms in Japan, CPA qualifications, or experience in financial control functions at an investment bank in Japan, or related industry would be an asset, though not strictly required.

Roles and Responsibilities

Qualifications and Skills